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Also in BtoB, the internet is the future in sourcing and selling in many markets, offering strong benefits for suppler and buyers at the same time. zentrada, founded in 2002 is today Europe's leading Wholesale Platform offering qualified suppliers advanced options to promote their brands and sell their products Europe-wide to the retail industry.
zentrada connects the crowd of buyers with leading suppliers from Europe only.
Real and longtime business is based on attraction, competivness and services, only the best can provide. Commitment by it's suppliers and by itself, zentrada offers an unique and most effective access to one of the biggest and most attractive markets for consumer goods.
Sales and Service Europe-wide
Sourcing Platforms and Teams in 9 major European markets support suppliers, buyers and cross-border transaction processing in hundreds tausend of cases in all dimensions and variations:
zentrada's international Sales Channels and competence is improved and experienced with many well known and leading suppliers for years.

Join and benefit together with a limited selection of leading Top-Suppliers from all over Europe ...

zentrada offers ambitious suppliers the biggest and most efficient platform for Europe-wide sales and marketing. 18 years of experience, a well know brand and leading platform technology and international order- and payment processing, qualifies zentrada and his teams as preferred partner for big supplier, brands and targets in Europe-wide distribution.

European-wide commercial advertising to hyperlink with your online appearance

Advertise where people look – unique, efficient, and broad coverage
Typically, smaller assortments, medium or high priced products, or innovative ideas don't achieve the necessary visibility to reach a sufficient revenue level on a competitive marketplace. In these cases we provide an advertising tool that connects your online shop instead or in addition to a listing in the network.
More information about the advertising services in zentrada.network

Improved systems for Sales, Marketing and Processing with the Europe's huge number of small and independent retailers

Automatic connection of product catalogues, wholesale prices, and availabilities support the efficient listing of your product.  
We automatically translate your product catalogue and company representation into 9 languages.
We provide Full Order and Payment Processing including invoicing to our Members and Buyers. Pending on the Sales Model we are connected, suppliers are delivering by themself to the retailer, or zentrada.Distribution also handles to Logistic Distribution.
zentrada & TradeSafe Sales & Service Teams in 8 countries and 10 languages support our members in their assortments decisions and order processing.
We promote your assortment and products AI-based to the matching buyer groups through automatic news services, sales tools, FreeD, and discount features.
Pending on our Sales Model, you're invited to manage requests, orders, and negotiation processes from our buyers in your TradeSafe Checkout Backend in your native language.
Our online and big data reporting system improves the processes and performance to help you follow up on business development.
We boost your market entry, offer presence, and revenue development in the zentrada.network through online advertising and newsletter promotions.
We sell your products in our name and credit you with weekly payout of your deliveries based on recipient confirmation.