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Welcome in a network of many efficient and motivated importers, wholesalers and producers, who already market their assortments successfully through the today.

Your online Marketing Strategy in Europe

We offer different possibilities of collaborations, depending on prerequisites and goals, for the distribution of your products through the channels of the In the following a short summary:

Direct Connection of your Assortment Data as Supplier (EU - only)

Listing and distribution of your product catalogue for the direct European-wide order processing in the buyer network of zentrada. The connection through a data processing technology, the processing of orders and running of the shop system is regulated by the terms of the 

Ideal for:

  • ‍wide and deep assortments that address the broad target markets in retail (minimum 1.000 products in stock)  
  • Delivery from a storage in the EU with acceptable minimum order amounts and low minimum quantities. 
  • European-wide competitive condition for products and delivery 

(yearly Listung Fee andTransaction fees. Promotion and Support included)

European-wide Placing and Linking of Banner Advertisements to your Online Appearance  

You are able to address, depending on the placement, up to 500.000 visitors per month at the “Point of Sale”. Banner Ads create visibility, image and can be linked directly to your online appearance. 

Ideal for:

  • Search for bigger distribution and trading partners 
  • Products that require explanations and negotiations + Small margins 
  • Narrow and high-price assortments
  • No sale from stock, or place of business outside the EU 

(Costs depend on advertising place and duration)      

More information about the advertising options
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Product-Listing as a supplier (EU-only) or European-wide advertising for your online appearance

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We check your potentials.
Send us your goals and most important information about the business and product assortment.

3.  We will contact you ...

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