Your "Green Deal" in Sourcing
Many Assortments - one Order, Shipping and Invoice !

Industry first and unique:
Order more than 100.000 articles across suppliers with “Mix-Order” by zentrada.Distribution

Mix-Order Logistic

Through smart order processing and logistics, zentrada enables small retailers to access the large assortments and product lines from Europe´s biggest suppliers
Free Shipping from ...

Based on efficient order sizes and Mix-Order to aggregate articles from many suppliers in one order we offer free delivery options in all Distribution shops and assortment.
Delivery is made reliably by UPS or Dachser.
Many Suppers, small quantities and easy order Management
Save time & money in purchasing ... and concentrate larger purchasing volumes on fewer partners. With the zentrada you remain independent in the assortment and from individual suppliers.

Easy Logistic Services
Mix-Order, Export Container or Truck Load collection, Private Label or frequent delivery. Ask your Account Manager for professional solutions by zentrada.