Benefit from the efficiency of online advertising and increase your success

With our new advertising concept zentrada gives you new sales channels and access to the most efficient platform with the widest range for sales advertising and promotion in Europe.

Every month, more than 500,000 visitors and users are searching for interesting products and suppliers on zentrada. Here, you are able to meet a market with really diverse interests and discover the potential of trading in Europe.

zentrada in Online Wholesale

500,000 Visitors
6 million Page views
150,000 Logins of zentrada membersdern

Every month on the marketplaces on
Banner advertising where people look
This could never have been accomplished with print advertising. Attract potential customers where they look and get an enormous number of contacts and visibility.
Advertising couldn't be broader, cheaper, and more efficient.
Europe as a market and customer potential
The domestic markets are limited.
With its advertising platform and distribution network zentrada offers you a fast and cheap access to more than 400,000 commercial members and even more visitors from the wholesale and retail industries.
Only a few clicks from success in sales
The internet is an advertising platform as well as a sales channel and thus is achieving maximum efficiency on the side of both buyers and suppliers.
Therefore, you increase awareness, image, and sales with one campaign - everyone buys online!

zentrada's new online advertising concept features
unique pricing and performance for your success in advertising

Limited Skyscraper Advertisement Space with rotating placements on the homepage and in the categories and Buyer's World.
Exclusive “Marketplace center banners” for dominant market advertising with All-View-Guarantee on theme markets and search results.
Greater reach and visibility with All-View-Guarantee in categories and theme markets.
Europe included – our entire reach for more market potential and your success.
Standardized monthly run-times for easier organization and planning.
Tracking and linking possibility for 8 different language versions and separated for members and non-members.
Full-service banner production, translation to 8 languages and internal sales and click tracking through zentrada at a fixed price.
Attractive discounts for zentrada suppliers who link the banner to their zentrada shop or salesroom.
NEW: email campaigns for zentrada suppliers with direct linking to the zentrada shop or salesroom. Coordinated content and target group selection including email production and distribution.

Your next deal is one click away!
Valid from April 1, 2022 – book now – limited placements!

Best possible reach for awareness and contacts in Europe

Homepage Banner

+ Europe-wide on the eight zentrada-Marketplaces.

+ rotating on 3 placements with maximum 9 banners.

+ expected views per month: 100,000 to 150,000.

1.950,- Euro per month plus VAT

Minus booking discounts (see below)

Product categories for placements

Licensed Products, Fashion & Mode, Jewelry & Watches, Health & Beauty, Householdt & Kitchen, Home & Living, Garden & DIY, Toys, Gifts & Stationery, Bags & Travel Accessories, Sports & Leisure, Cars & Quads, Consumer Eletronics, Food & Beverage.

Depending on the product category and form of advertising the placement is exclusive (Centerbanner) or with limited spaces (Skyscraper) in the Product category registers,  complementary buyers's worlds and matching search results (only Centerbanner) on the zentrada.marketplaces. All prices in Euro and plus German VAT 19% as far as no exemption is possible.

Best possible placement in your market segment for efficient European sales support

Category Banner

+ Europe-wide in the category of your choice.

+ All-View-Guarantee with rotating placement and limited number of advertisement rotating in 2 rows.

+ expected views per month:  20,000 to 80,000.

1.550,- Euro per month plus VAT Minus booking discounts (see below)

Booking Discounts

We offer the following discounts on the Skyscraper advertisements on Homepage and Categories with the booking of the run-times:

”external Linking to your Shop/Homepage”

from 6 month run-time:     5% Discount

from 12 month run-time:   10% Discount

”internal Linkung to your zentrada.Shop”

from 3 month run-time:      30% Discount

from 6 month run-time:      50% Discount

Banner Production

We will gladly support your advertising success with the design of your banner ads and translations by our offices abroad.

Design & Translation in 8 languages

Flatrater 250,- Euro per motif

inclusive up to 2 improving rounds and up to 3 slides per banner

NEW: Email-campaigns
with individual contents & target group selection – limited transmission slots !

The new impact and cost-effectiveness in addressing customers and potentials

Exclusively for suppliers in!

Email marketing breaks the barriers of costs and reach while simultaneously addressing a large number of customers and target groups. applies technology, data bases, acceptance, and legal design to create new standards in member communication. We provide our suppliers with these affordable forms of advertising to actively promote sales. In order to protect the interests and acceptance of members content development, linking, target group selection, and transmission slots are limited. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend this individual marketing tool because of its selective impact, good measurability and low cost efficiency.

Timely planning and booking is recommended:  

 Operational suggestions:

- Trend Products and Novelties

- New product ranges

- Special company news such as anniversaries

- Limited discount offers

- Special offers, overstocks

(Introductions of new suppliers and further overall sales campaigns are free after agreement)  



Target group selection, implementation, content coordination, design and translation in up to 8 languages

   200,- Euro per mailing campaign net - no discounts available

Sending to 10,000 up to max. 100,000 members, profiled by product and language areas, with active email addresses

     30,- Euro per 1,000 recipients net - no discounts available

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