zentrada's BtoB Checkout

Suppliers, orders, payments and invoices. Now also with purchasing budget and payment target.
Manage purchasing easily and securely online and mobile.

Manage many suppliers, shopping carts, orders and invoices easily online
Pay safe & easy online or bank transfer Euro-wide in many currencies
Personal Account Manager and fair trade & service policy by zentrada
Up to 30 days payment term with purchasing budget for factoring via our partner Coface

That's how TradeSafe-Checkout works for your Europe-wide transactions ...


Take you shopping cart to request a personal and qualified offer for a supplier


Check your personal offer for availability, tax treatment, shipping cost and time ... and get supported by your account manager.


Place your order and pay to zentrada trough Tradesafe-Checkout


Goods are shipped by the supplier or by zentrada.Distribution after Payment. Invoice will be provided by zentrada.


Check and confirm your delivery or open a trouble ticket for personal support to get any kind of problems solved.