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zentrada Mix-Order grows and grows: From Wholesale Marketplace to Sourcing Network for Europe

August 10, 2018

For more than 10 years zentrada has opened the doors
to Europe-wide wholesale sourcing for a constantly growing network of
retailers, without high costs or risks. The Internet company from Würzburg has left
its path of sole online operations by adding a new and innovative logistics
concept that is now offering real sourcing advantages in the processing and delivery
of wholesale purchases from large importers and manufacturers.

30 European top suppliers from the consumer goods
industry now offer more than 100.000 products following the new Mix-Order
principle for mixed and central ordering and Europe-wide delivery by

The buyers, typically independent retailers, save on
handling as well as delivery costs and are able to source single items or small
quantities without the usual high minimum order values of large manufacturers
and importers.  

But the most unique feature is not the size, but the
innovative digital Supply Chain that efficiently combines the many small orders
from the retail network to delivery requests at the big European importers and manufactures
of popular merchandise.  

Today, success in retail requires wider and more
exclusive assortments as well as constantly changing promotions to create more revenue
with the existing customer frequency.

“Here, zentrada.Distribution and Mix-Order give, in
addition to the substantial processing advantages, often also first-time access
to the big Top-suppliers that have not been accessible for smaller retailers in
the past“, explains zentrada´s CEO and co-founder Ingo Schloo the concept of
the modern sourcing network.

The suppliers are listed with individual wholesale
shops on the zentrada marketplaces including all the latest products and stock
data. Orders are then aggregated to a larger delivery request multiple times
per week.

Through the self-developed transshipment logistics and
software, incoming deliveries are divided into their mixed orders and sent to
retailers across Europe in packages or palettes.  

zentrada does not face any product risk or storage
costs and is therefore able to invest its wholesale margin in innovative ways
to present its offering and Europe-wide marketing and customer service. Solely
the delivery time is on average 3 days longer than for orders placed at one of the
many other suppliers on the zentrada marketplaces.

In the meantime, associations and consultants have
realized that the digitalization of the supply chain holds the biggest
advantage for the majority of smaller retailers. “Retailers need new sources to
be able to constantly reinvent their assortment and add new ideas and promotions.
On zentrada more than 400.000 products from 500 suppliers from all over Europe
are only one click away. Quality, price/performance and the processing on
zentrada have convinced us. The platform enables smaller retail businesses to source
products that are not available at every corner at great prices,” explains Ralf
Ludewig, regional chairman HBE Lower Franconia, Vice President HBE Bavaria.

After six months the innovative Mix-Order processing
already generated 50 percent of the planned distribution turnover for the
entire year, which is already in the seven-digit range and quickly grows its
share of the direct and indirect transaction volume on the zentrada

„Through our continuous extension of the Mix-Order assortment
all predictions for the upcoming fall and Christmas season point towards
growth“, outlines the zentrada-CEO the expectations for the next months, which might
even be increased by the possible entry into product categories in the food

The basic membership for making purchases in the
zentrada sourcing network is free for qualified retailers, but can be extended
with a variety of PREMIUM services.

About the

-“Independent retailers are really close to the customers, but often far away from the best suppliers-“. Therefore, more and more retailers see the chance to make their assortments more attractive and diversified through online sourcing, to survive the tough competition.  

The connects more than 363.128 registered and reachable retailers across Europe with leading assortments and brands of the big suppliers from Europe through the zentrada sourcing platforms and TradeSafe order processing system.  

Since 2005, zentrada added separate teams and marketplaces in France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, and an English EU version to its German headquarters to facilitate this connection. zentrada is pioneer, technology, and market leader in the free European wholesale sourcing for resellers.

More than 500 European importers, manufactures, and wholesalers offer almost 400.000 products, trends, and brand products, as well as stock lots, from all product groups of consumer good trade in their own zentrada-Shops.

The integrated TradeSafe order and payment processing allows retailers to handle orders across suppliers easily, with 100% buyer protection, and enables both parties to be part of international trade without risks and language barriers.  Since 2017, zentrada.Distribution offers central delivery and invoicing for product assortments of big international suppliers.

The zentrada Membership and TradeSafe are always free for commercial wholesale purchases. The membership can be extended for a small membership fee to add PREMIUM Services and the FreeD! Flatrate for free deliveries.

Press Contact

Ingo Schloo, CEO/General Manager
zentrada Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Friedrich Bergius Ring 32b, D-97076 Würzburg
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