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More choice & better prices with Europe-wide wholesale sourcing

zentrada provides access to many leading European suppliers, attractive assortments and always new product ideas for commercial retailers in Europe.
Unique services and functions enable save & easy wholesale purchasing starting low order quantities and values.
Join for free and take the advantages internet based sourcing and the European market ist offering for your business.
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100% Buyer protection and personal customer service in 8 languages with TradeSafe order and payment processing

Use TradeSafe and makes sure all orders are 100% protected.
Save payment, quick reembursement for damaged or missing goods and personal support in order settlement and processing Europe-wide.
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Request and Offer
Request a personal offer based on your shopping cart. It includes the total costs, tax treatments, and delivery time - ready to order and pay through TradeSafe.
Safe Payments Europe-wide
Chose from many options and pay to TradeSafe to release shipment by the supplier. To guarantee your safety and satisfaction, payout to the supplier is released after confirmation of delivery by you.
100% BtoB Buyer Protection
Based on TradeSafe "Fair Trade Policy" and money processing 100% Buyer protection in international transaction is guaranteed and supported by zentrada's teams, working in 8 countries and languages.

One "Mix Order Cart" for many suppliers and more than 100.000 products

Industry First!
Mix products from different suppliers and get delivered by zentrada.Distribution
  • Low quantities and minimum order value due to the collective order principle through zentrada
  • Central shipping and invoicing from zentrada.Distribution
  • Exclusive top assortments in all major product groups
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Free Shipping from participating suppliers

Upgrade to optional zentrada's FreeDelivery flat rate to benefit from free shipping to your country by marked suppliers and for marked products.