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Questions and Answers about the and Tradesafe

Membership in the zentrada-network

Exclusive and free for Reseller.
Privacy Policy zentrada Europe GmbH & Co KG

Which possibilities does the free zentrada Membership provide?

The is a free, internet-based wholesale network which enables also smaller independent dealers to search for europe’s leading suppliers, to compare prices and to purchase interesting products for resale through the TradeSafe ordering procedure without risks and the knowledge of foreign languages.

The zentrada.Team with offices and staff in 7 european countries is available for free by phone and mail during the normal business hours and provides you with informations about the order process or helps with any questions and problems.

To be able to offer the best possible prices, the is funded by low transaction fees for suppliers and also by low membership fees for the highly-used PREMIUM Membership, which offers additional services, information and features.

NEW since June 2015 - FreeD! is the delivery flatrate for purchasing without shipping costs at all participating and accordingly indicated suppliers. Depending on your current membership status FreeD! is bookable with the PREMIUM-Pro membership or seperately. 

Which additional services provides the PREMIUM Membership or FreeD! ?

Depending on your current membership status additional services, functions and cash-value benefits are available via a chargeable upgrade.Within MyZentrada and possible search results you will find the current recommendations and proposals with extended information and upgrade options.Basically, you can use the full advantages of zentrada.networks optimally only as part of a chargeable membership, which is relatively favorable, because of the great number of our members.You can cancel this membership any time for the end of the respective period. After that you can use zentrada furthermore in a limited free version.

zentrada Marketplace as Buyer

Enormous choices and great prices from the best suppliers in Europe.

Do I have to pay commissions?

No - the use of zentrada in purchasing and processing via the TradeSafe service with buyer protection is for buyers commission-free and with the Basic Membership also free of other charges. Fees will only be charged for credit card payments. zentrada is funded by advertising, PREMIUM Membership fees and to a small extent also through success fees for suppliers. These are low and the suppliers in the are obliged to offer always the best price also with processing via TradeSafe.

Who is able to become a member in the

Everyone who operates a commercial business or is entitled to buy products in large quantities in a similar status (for example clubs, associations ...) for commercial use.

The purchase for private use and consumption, also by traders, is excluded. By registering in the you confirm your commercial purpose and status in the use of zentrada & TradeSafe. The application of consumer protection legislation is excluded. In the case of doubts about your identity or commercial use, zentrada is entitled to demand appropriate evidence or to exclude you from the access at any time.

How do I find the best offers on the fastest way?

If you already know what you want just search the matching key words and as a signed in user you have access to all TradeSafe offers, suppliers and prices. Only within a network like zentrada it is possible to compare the prices of different wholesale suppliers all over europe.

The simple price comparison with the possibility to save a lot of money is much easier and supported with special functions as part of the "PREMIUM Membership".

If you are looking for product ideas and new trends you should use the product categories in the left column or the specific buyers worlds of your topic. Here, the product offers are listed according to a special performance index (PFI), which reflects the popularity of the product. In addition you can also see the best selling products and the most successful suppliers in each product category. So with zentrada you have the unique opportunity to benefit from all suppliers and indirectly from the experience gained by the trading activities of the members.

These unique benefits are available in all shops and salesrooms of the zentrada suppliers.

What advantages do I have from the zentrada email info services?

The development of services and product offers in the is extremely fast. Each day thousand of product offers are updated or newly listed and the best offers are also sold out very fast.

Through the zentrada information services you are automatically and timely informed about the most important offers and and topics for you. In zentrada you can setup "alerts", for example about suppliers, brands or keywords, and then you will automatically receive information about their new product offers via email. In this way you will not miss any offers and will be always informed. In the information services setup function in MyZentrada, all services can be configured individually or disabled. Please ensure that your email address is always reachable. As soon as we can't deliver several mails to your email address it will be automatically disabled until we reactivate it manually.

How does it work when I buy from foreign suppliers?

zentrada provides you the access to interesting suppliers throughout europe and with TradeSafe an easy and riskless order processing. The TradeSafe order process is the same as the domestic for you and the zentrada team is available to you to answer your questions. The supplier receives all communication automatically in its marketplace language and will be supported in the case of problems by our respective country office. For chat messages please use your native language. It will be automatically translated for the supplier.

Important: Please store your VAT-ID (UID) number in your account data to ensure that you can purchase in Europe with VAT exemption.

How do I communicate with foreign suppliers?

The TradeSafe processes automatically takes place in the language of the respective business partners. You can translate your chat messages with the questions and answers by pushing the translation button.

In the case of questions about products and the special handling of large orders, please contact the domestic team of zentrada/TradeSafe by phone. It will assist you in cooperation with our foreign offices..

How can I buy abroad VAT-free?

In europe the valid VAT-ID number of your company is enough to avoid foreign VAT payments and the difficult ways of refunding them.

You get the VAT-ID number from your local tax office. Please enter the VAT-ID number and your matching official company name and address in your zentrada account data and billing adress data and check, in the case of quotations from foreign suppliers, if they have made the quotation without VAT.

Where do I update my access data?

In the MyZentrada - buyers cockpit you find the link to your access data on the top right, in the section "My zentrada-Account". Please make sure for your transactions in the TradeSafe processing, that your email address is always up to date and that the billing and shipping addresses are correct.

zentrada Marketplace as Supplier

Europe-wide Wholesale market online.

How can I offer and sell products through zentrada?

Find out more about this topic in "Sell" at the bottom of the zentrada website or contact our suppliers support representatives. They will advise you about your best options to sell products and to place advertisements in the

Tradesafe Order Processing

Organize shopping carts, order and reorders from many suppliers easily.

How does the order processing with zentrada and TradeSafe work?

TradeSafe is the free order transaction service for buyers in the which the parent company of the GmbH & Co KG - the Schimmel Media Verlag GmbH & Co KG - carries out. With your zentrada Membership you are automatically enabled for the TradeSafe processing.

The TradeSafe principle was developed for the needs of the international wholesale and offers a 100% security for commercial transactions of all sizes throughout europe.

TradeSafe guarantees you the greatest possible satisfaction and safety with the TradeSafe ordering procedure.

  • - You collect products into your shopping cart and request electronically a quotation from the supplier. Then you order the products on the basis of this binding offer including all costs and delivery conditions.
  • - You pay the order value to TradeSafe which commits the delivery clearance to the supplier after receiving the money. The supplier receives his money after your delivery confirmation or a reasonable time.
  • - The suppliers are obliged to offer their best prices
  • - With the TradeSafe-Procedure we guarantee you not only a 100% Buyer protection and our service in wholesale purchase through zentrada, but also the best product price, in relation to the order quantity, of the supplier at the time of purchase, subtracted all promotional, customer and special discounts.(Discounts for existing customers excluded in individual cases)In the case that a supplier offers you a better price parallel to TradeSafe, please report a problem and TradeSafe arranges for a refund.

Why is it not possible to order in one step at zentrada?

Wholesale orders are usually more extensive and more complicated and can't be compared to the processing of private shopping. To enable a satisfactory processing, it is important to clarify all questions before ordering.

From our experience available quantities, delivery dates, shipping costs and if so applicable volume discounts and VAT treatment (for international orders) can only be clarified with a current inquiry and an individual quotation. Only on this way the ordered items are exactly defined and we can guarantee satisfaction in the context of TradeSafe.

How can I reorder most efficiently?

Normally you sell the ordered products fast and want to reorder them quickly and easily, also when you ordered them at different suppliers.

Through zentrada and TradeSafe you can use in many places former requests, quotations and deliveries, put from these the still available products in your shopping cart, add new products and start a new order request.

  • - On the TradeSafe order processing site you can find the details of former requests, quotations and orders, and a search function with which you can search within them for products or keywords.
  • - In the MyZentrada buyers cockpit is a everlasting list of all previously ordered and still available products from all suppliers.
  • - In the buyers cockpit you can also directly access your suppliers and see the list of the products, you ordered there, so you can easily add these and additonal products to the shopping cart for the order processing.
  • - In the Shops and Salesrooms of your suppliers, you can find a link to your individual reorder list with all the ordered and still available products.

How can I manage Shopping Carts?

After the login on the zentrada marketplaces you can view, search and compare prices of the product offers across different suppliers and with your click on a product offer you reach the salesroom or shop of the respective supplier. Here you collect interesting products in your supplier related shopping cart. From this shopping cart, you can switch to TradeSafe to generate a request to the supplier.

Note: With the shopping cart tab in the upper right corner of the zentrada marketplaces you can switch to an overview list of all of your collected shopping carts of zentrada suppliers.

How can I confirm the delivery?

The delivery confirmation and payment will be made to the supplier, unless there is a problem reported, automatically 10 working days after the shipping notice of the supplier.TradeSafe will ask you before this deadline by email if you have received and checked the delivery. TradeSafe asks you in the case of the proper delivery to actively confirm this with the link, or to report a problem in time, to prevent the automatic delivery confirmation.

Please check and confirm the delivery immediately after receiving and fill out our short online questionnaire. This will help us to evaluate and improve the performance of our suppliers. In the case of a satisfactory delivery, you enable with your confirmation the fast payment of the order amount to the supplier.

How can I reorder?

All completed orders are stored under the link “order history and reorder”. With the TradeSafe search function you can find the old orders with your articles and, if they are still available at the supplier, request them for reorder.

You will find the best reorder option in the order summary list in the shop or salesroom of your supplier. All ordered and still available products from your past orders are listed there, can be added to the shopping cart, complemented with new articles and then can be requested and ordered via TradeSafe.

zentrada & TradeSafe enable you a simple order management, also in the case of many different or changing suppliers.

How can I pre-order?

It often makes sense to order an attractive product offer early, but without the need to pay and get delivered it immediately.For this purpose, enter the desired delivery date in the order request (at least 30 days in the future) and the supplier will inform you in his offer about his delivery capability for this date and the required deposit.

The deposit will be stored by TradeSafe until the satisfactory delivery of the products with the final payment. TradeSafe will remind you and the supplier automatically and timely of the corresponding measures and deadlines.

What do I do in the case of no delivery after shipping notification?

In the time before of the 10-day confirmation period expires, TradeSafe will ask you to confirm the delivery manually or, despite the shipping notification, to timely report a problem about the missing delivery.

Please report the problem in the Overview of your TradeSafe account, before the expiration of the 10-day period, in answering the questions in step 1 and 2 of the trouble ticket and sending it in.Then the payment of the transaction amount is stopped until the problem is solved. TradeSafe takes care of the problem and you will receive feedback from a TradeSafe employee as soon as possible.

Please report always a problem and only through the system. Messages by email, telephone or chat will not stop the process!

What do I do in the case of incomplete or incorrect delivery?

Please check your delivery as quickly and comprehensively as possible. If the delivery is incomplete, damaged or incorrect, please report a problem within the period of 10 working days after the shipping notification in your TradeSafe-order overview. Describe the scope and extent as well as possible in step 1 and 2 of the problem report and send the trouble ticket.

What do I do in case of specific questions about the offer?

If you have any questions about the offer, product, scope of delivery or composition, please use the chat function of the transaction. Questions and answers will be documented automatically and a translation function is also available.

When do I receive my delivery?

Basically, the supplier gets the binding delivery order after TradeSafe received your payment, which we will confirm to you with the receipt of payment.

Then the delivery time, which the provider mentioned in the offer, counts. The delivery time specified by the supplier should be interpreted as an estimated, which may differ slightly in a reasonable extent. If you need a binding delivery date or a guarantee, you should necessarily ask for it in the transaction chat and get it explicit confirmed by the supplier.

Do I need a VAT number for international orders?

Thanks to the regulations within the EU economic area, you have the option of stating your valid VAT identification number to commercially purchase products with VAT exemption in europe. This allows you to save liquidity, as well as the often laborious reimbursement of foreign VAT amounts.

The VAT number can be obtained at your local tax office. Please use your VAT number in connection with your official company name and address, and check their inclusion in the offer.

What happens if I want to cancel a pre-order?

Pre-orders are binding transactions for both sides. According to the Terms and Conditions of TradeSafe, has the supplier a right to compensation in the amount of the deposit. In return, you also have a right to compensation for non-performance of pre-orders.

Tradesafe Payment Processing

Safe Europe-wide online payment processing with Tradesafe with 100% buyer protection.

How does the TradeSafe order processing work?

The wholesale order processing is different from the consumer shopping and is best possible reflected in the unique TradeSafe-order.

  • - Collect your products in the supplier´s shopping carts in the zentrada Shops and Salesrooms
  • - Start a non-binding inquiry to the supplier in your TradeSafe-Shopping Cart Management, where you can also add questions or price expectations in the chat function if you want.
  • - The supplier creates a binding quotation for you with the available products, delivery time, shipping costs and VAT treatment (for example after auditing the VAT (UID) number)
  • - You will be informed via e-mail, then you check the quotation, order it via TradeSafe and pay the transaction amount to zentrada/TradeSafe by bank transfer, credit card, etc ... TradeSafe commits the delivery order to the supplier and secures your money until you confirm the delivery.
  • - After you have received the shipping confirmation you have 10 working days to confirm the delivery or to report a problem in the TradeSafe order management. If you don't perform one of these two actions, the transaction will be automatically settled. You should receive the invoice of the supplier for the goodss with the delivery.
  • - In the case of a problem, it is strictly necessary that you report it in time via the problem link in the system. The accounting will be stopped and we will contact you to find a solution.

How do I get my money back in the case of subsequent discounts?

In the case that you get granted a discount subsequently, for example due to missing quantities, TradeSafe would like to refund you this balances as soon as possible.

In the basic settings, balances from refunds are automatically booked to you customer account, to be considered with you next online payment (on bank transfer please consider yourself). Under MyZentrada you will find your Account Balance. You also can request payout any time. Please  enter your bank details under "MyZentrada - Account Details -  and decide if you wish generally immediate payout after refunds. Balances will be then automatically transferred to you within a few days.

How can I request a quotation?

Therewith the supplier can make you a binding offer with the delivery time, availability, shipping costs and VAT treatment, please switch from the shopping cart in the shop or salesroom, or from the shopping cart overview page, to the request page on TradeSafe. Please check here again your billing and delivery address and enter in case of international transactions your VAT number if available for VAT exemption. You also have the possibility to enter questions, terms and conditions requests or a desired delivery date in the transaction chat before you send the request to the supplier.

Once you have submitted the request, the supplier will make you a corresponding offer as soon as possible. Once he did this, you will be automatically notified via email by TradeSafe.

How can I order a quotation?

As soon as the seller's order is available, you will be informed by email from TradeSafe. In the email you will find a link that takes you to the login on the TradeSafe page and then directly to the offer.

The offer of the supplier is binding, but basically timely limited. So please, after receiving the offer, check as soon as possible all details related to the desired quantity, delivery time, shipping costs and - if applies- VAT treatment for foreign orders.

For further questions, please use the chat function in the transaction to contact the supplier. The supplier can further customize the offer according to your wishes, for example granting a discount. Once the offer meets your requirements, please confirm it within the period prescribed by the Terms and Conditions of TradeSafe, and press the blue order button at the bottom of the offer.You will automatically receive an order documentation as a PDF file via email and get the link to the online payment page of TradeSafe. Only after your payment was entered by TradeSafe, the supplier receives the order to deliver the products.

How can I pay orders?

After ordering, all kinds of country-specific payment methods on TradeSafe are available. These are usually bank transfer (free), credit cards or other online payment methods that are partly linked to a processing fee.

Please make sure that your payments will be made as quickly as possible and only to TradeSafe (with bank transfer stating the transaction ID) to ensure a fast delivery and maximum possible security.

Within the deadlines you will be reminded of payments by TradeSafe. Please log in on TradeSafe. In the section "Outstanding Payments" you will find your pending transactions and possible payment methods

.The payment receipt and delivery order to the supplier will be confirmed to you via email by TradeSafe.

Why and how do I pay to TradeSafe?

All zentrada suppliers are willing to deliver products to you after a payment guarantee of TradeSafe. TradeSafe, however, only pays them the money for your transaction after your manual or the automatic confirmation of the delivery and can in this way guarantee you the proper delivery and the security of your payment.

How can I negotiate price and terms?

Please use the chat function in the TradeSafe transaction throughout the whole inquiry and order process to formulate and to document your questions and wishes, also to the financial conditions of the purchase. Suppliers are able to grant discounts up to the delivery confirmation.

Tradesafe Buyer Protection

That's how you protect yourself from wrong quantities, delayed delivery, shipping damages, fraud ...

Which security do I have when I order through zentrada & TradeSafe?

TradeSafe is the Purchasing Management Service in the and was developed specifically for the needs of the wholesale purchase on the Internet throughout europe. The order and payment processing TradeSafe secures your money and guarantees you to get what you have ordered.

In the case of incorrect product description, shipping damage, incorrect or missing goods, late delivery or no delivery you have to report your problem in the TradeSafe process, what causes that the payment to the supplier will be stopped and a zentrada/TradeSafe employee takes care to find a solution. The unique TradeSafe processing service is preferred by suppliers and buyers and provides risk-free business without the knowledge of different languages, special terms and conditions reservations of suppliers and different country laws.

Is my money safe at TradeSafe?

TradeSafe handles the payment for single transactions in trust within the order processing with your business accommodation request, corresponding TradeSafe Terms and Conditions and processes.

To increase security, TradeSafe is operated by the zentrada parent company, the zentrada Europe GmbH & Co KG. This company has a liability capital of 500,000 euros and is successfully operating in the market for many years.

What do I have to do if I have problems with my delivery?

If your order doesn't arrive within 10 business days after you have received the shipping confirmation or the delivered products don't comply with the orderd ones, please immediatly report a problem at the corresponding link in your TradeSafe-order processing.

The payment and accounting of your order will be stopped and an employee of TradeSafe will contact you to discuss the problem and the possible solutions.

How can I report and dissolve problems (TroubleTicket)?

After the payment confirmation, you will find your order for further processing in the designation "Orders" in your TradeSafe account. Within the specified delivery period, TradeSafe will inform you via email about the shipping notification from the supplier and then you have 10 working days to check and confirm the delivered products. If the products don’t arrive in this time or the delivery is different than ordered, you can report a problem.

To report a problem, you have to use the link "Report a problem" in the order overview and then follow the questions in the first AND second step of the trouble ticket.By „submitting" the trouble ticket in the 2nd step, the payment process for this transaction to the supplier is stopped and a TradeSafe employee will take over the troubleshooting. The trouble ticket is available to you for information and communication during the entire process of problem solving.

After the problem is solved please, upon request from TradeSafe, close the trouble ticket via the link "problem solved", or directly in the trouble ticket. Possible discount entries should be confirmed to you before. Refunds are independent of the problem status and will be paid automatically within a few days.

Is my money safe with TradeSafe?

Zentrada and TradeSafe are operated by the Schimmel Media Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, a German company, for over 10 years with a capital adequacy of 500.000,-€. The systems and activities of TradeSafe were appreciated by many customers and business partners and are operated with greatest quality and safety efforts.The TradeSafe Terms and Conditions for buyers and suppliers, and the underlying FairTrade policy, create a mediation instrument and security, also in the international judicial area.In doubt is the safety and quality of the transactions via TradeSafe always higher than in the direct processing with the most suppliers.

How do I receive my refunds from rebates / cancellations?

In the basic settings, balances from refunds are automatically booked to you customer account, to be considered with you next online payment (on bank transfer please consider yourself). Under MyZentrada you will find your Account Balance. You also can request payout any time. Please  enter your bank details under "MyZentrada - Account Details -  and decide if you wish generally immediate payout after refunds. Balances will be then automatically transferred to you within a few days.

How are disputes managed in the case of problems?

The TradeSafe order processing creates a legal relationship with the transaction processing between supplier or buyer with TradeSafe. This relationship also governs the way how disputes are arbitrated by TradeSafe according to the FairTrade-policy.

In the problem solving process TradeSafe collects the facts to the dispute from both parties, makes proposals for solutions, and tries to reach an agreed and fair solution. If this fails, TradeSafe asks again for submissions and makes its arbitration decision to solve the problem.

Can I just send back products if I don't like them?

According to the legal regulations for BtoB business, it is not possible to send back products, only because the buyer doesn´t likes them, because the consumer protection legislation does not apply.

TradeSafe guarantees you, as a buyer, to get what you have ordered and paid, and what you can expect after the usual business practices. Fraud, short or incorrect delivery, as well as many of the usual delivery defects are therefore excluded, respectively will be solved.

But the purchase of the ordered and correctly supplied products is binding. We strongly discourage you to simply send back or to refuse deliveries besides of the trouble ticket and arbitration process, as this creates additional costs that you have to bear in doubt.

Let us know if you still have questions!